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All new students are required to:

  • have been homeschooled for at least one year prior to attending The Network.

  • perform at high school level since classes are 9th – 12th grade academic level.

  • submit current standardized test scores. Some suggested sources include the following: Iowa Assessments, ACT, and California Achievement Test. (The California Achievement Test is an online, parent-proctored test that gives results within 24 hours. Find the test through Christian Liberty Press or BJU Press.) All new students must submit standardized test scores regardless of which classes they may be interested in taking.

Other Notes:

  • Standardized test scores required for 9th – 12th grade students are 50th percentile or higher in applicable areas.

  • Standardized test scores required for 8th grade students are 75th percentile or higher in applicable areas.

  • New students will not be permitted to register without providing test scores.

  • The Network is not equipped to offer special accommodations for students with significant learning, social, or behavioral disabilities. Some classes may be able to make minor adjustments for students with special learning needs; however, not all teachers/classes are able to do so.

  • We welcome a family meeting with board members to clarify an applicant’s qualifications for acceptance.