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Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Principle #1: Moral purity

Moral purity refers to a healthy innocence or the lack of experience with the world. The Network expects each individual to exhibit moral purity and protect the innocence, both moral and sexual, of others in the Network family. As much as it is within our power, the Network will reinforce these efforts by preventing the intrusion of moral perversion.

Principle #2: Honesty

Honesty is necessary to maintain relationships. It is the bridge of confidence and trust linking people together. The Network will be organized and run in an honest way. We expect everyone involved to respond with honesty. Dishonesty, such as lying, stealing, and cheating will not be tolerated.

Respect shows an honor for and expresses the worth of others.

Principle #3: Respect for authority

The Network recognizes that the Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate authority. The Network is organized with an authority structure that is in place for the mutual benefit of all. Respecting this authority means submitting to the procedures and guidelines of the Network.

Principle #4: Respect for peers

A respect for peers has two aspects. The first is not thinking too highly of self. The second is regarding the value in others. (Romans 12:3 & 10)

Principle #5: Respect for property

In this community we expect everyone involved to exhibit a high degree of respect for the property rights of others. This includes any facility where we meet and the personal belongings of others.