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This page is for new students and their families so you'll know what you have to look forward to at The Network!


Orientation for new students and the Fall Kick-Off potluck for all Network families will be held on a Monday evening in August at Grace Church in Des Moines. (See The Network calendar for exact date and time.) At orientation, students receive information packets and tour classrooms. Students can meet their teachers at the Kick-Off event. Families can also sign up for the mandatory Grace Church Work Day to help fulfill their co-op responsibilities.


Students receive 85 minutes of instruction per week for each class in which they are enrolled. During the rest of the week, students complete homework assignments, work on projects, read course material, and study for upcoming quizzes and tests. Parents help students organize their schedules for adequate studying, review assignments before they are turned in, and maintain good communication with teachers. Parents also have opportunities to assist The Network community in various capacities.


The dress code at The Network is formal. Guys must wear a black suit and tie, and ladies must wear a black dress.

Just kidding!

Actually, the main requirement is that you wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt with a visible Network logo on the front. You can read more about the dress code on The Network's Policies page.


You can look forward to these special days at The Network! Other fun days may pop up too!

  • Picture Day in the fall. Students and teachers are photographed for the yearbook. The dress code is temporarily suspended for this day.
  • Pajama Bottom Day. When it's cold and we just want to stay cozy, students will be invited to wear their pj bottoms all day... with their Network shirts! Be prepared for a group photo!
  • Christmas Treats Day in December. Students and parents who like to bake bring goodies for all to graze on throughout the day. 
  • Valentine Hot Cocoa Day in February.
  • Last Day Lunch for All. Yes, free lunch provided by The Network!